There have been minor changes to some cast members' appearance over time, so clothing and other traits may change slightly from strip to strip. If, say, a ponytail or something suddenly vanishes, don't be concerned.

Regardless of when they were created, I've broken down this archive into blocks of weeks; one Sunday strip and six dailies per archive set.

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The Great Online Comic Switch 1999:
Two years after most syndicated newspaper strips performed an elaborate April Fool's joke of swapping strips with each other (eg, Scott Adams drew the Family Circus and Bil Keane drew Dilbert), over two dozen online comic-strip artists did the same. I swapped with Darren Bleuel's "Nukees" and have included the full listing of everyone else involved too.

The 1999 Halloween Fright Night Special
Followup to the above, only this time bigger and more intricate. Rather than swapping, about 35 strips broke into smaller groups and "crossed-over" with each other, creating storylines featuring the respective characters of every strip, all with a Halloweenish theme. The link leads to my crossover (Group #5), but don't forget to look at all 7 groups!

The Online Comic Switch 2000:
We did it again, folks! Same concept, but this time with over 70 artists! You can see the switch I did with Kevin "Cerulean" Pease, with his strip Absurd Notions. If you've got a lot of time to spare, view all the rest of them through this link.

Here's a fanfic submitted by one of my readers. It's a "what-if" story of Mikey actually taking interest in a girlfriend--newcomer Laura Fishburne--to Lisa's chagrin. He's got an excellent feel for the way the characters should operate and interact, and he's got other ideas in the works, too. Enjoy, and let him know if ya like it. ;-)
Something Unexpected
written by Ivica Folnovic

Plus, a bit of art submitted by the lovely Jamie Young. Jamie's characters Cori, Thor, and Wunndar in a bit of crossover with Ms Lisa. Take a look!

More art. Kevin Pease drew up his caffeine-slugging Absurd Notions character Warren, and Funny Farm's resident grouch Gulius. Three short-tempered guys, one understocked grocery store :-)

Courtesy of Brian Reider, two pics. Kevin & Brad (I really like the way Brad's face looks, quite apropo :-) and an alternate take on Kevin actually being active for once. And when he tried his hand at Scott, and opted to ink it, with really striking results!

Even more art, based on the Gridiron storyline, shows a little bit too much celebrating going on. Created by Ryan Smith of Funny Farm fame.

A pic by budding comic-stripper Jay B, featuring Tony and Jay's character Patrick.

Many pics courtesy of Dragonwolf: not 1, not 2, but 3 pics of Tony, Brad and Biff in miscellaneous humor involving the hazards of being drawn by someone besides the original artist. Also, as Dragonwolf may be developing his own strip soon, he did some comic strips of CMers interacting with his characters...count 'em off:  1  2  3  4 and 5. Additionally, he's drawn one mean-lookin' picture of Brad in full color, Damon meets Slug (a character of Dragonwolf's pending comic series), and two Beatles album cover tributes (or are they parodies? ;-) featuring the CMer's.

From Liz Evans, author of train-of-thought comic "Elsinore", is a pic giving more airtime for the ladies; Cindy and Lisa taking a break from the stress of college.

Another portrait of Cindy and Lisa, this time expertly rendered by Karine Charlebois. And also a hilarious picture of Brad and Brooklyn (of Disney's "Gargoyles" animated series) trading places. If you don't know of Gargoyles, pop over to Karine's site for artwork and fanfics on the basics of the show, and lots of other art of all genres as well.

And some pics courtesy of Muscle Wolf. After a couple weeks of pics of the ladies, time for some guys. Some very very tough-looking guys, as MW's personal cast interacts with the CMers. Lisa in huggy mode, and a whole lotta bull... More art of Krano and company at his website.

From Blathering Bear, showing Tony the danger(?) of overdoing workouts. Poor guy probably can't even tie his shoelaces anymore! Oh wait, he doesn't wear shoes. You know what I mean.

For something new, morbid and definitely different, read R.I.P. The Class Menagerie. Rev Lunter captures the essence of the characters with a lot of good humor and inside jokes, provided you don't read this too close to bedtime :-)

Plus, Triangle & Robert's author Patrick Shaughnessy is famous for artistically making the most out of very little in his strip, and carried over the concept of minimalism to Tony in "Only Human" part 1.

Next; a pic from FSHan. I love the internet...without it, you wouldn't be reading this strip. But Mr. Hunt has several cases against the internet, one of them pictured here.

And a quick pic from Abel DuSable. The less I say about it the better, because it has the most impact if all I say is it's Kevin's best defense against Dani's clipboard. Heh-heh!