Several years back on April 1st, mainstream newspaper comic creators swapped strips with another artist, so each person's strip was drawn and written to reflect the style of a totally different strip.  

On April 1st, 1999, over two dozen internet-based comic strips did a similar event, organized by Terrence Marks of Unlike Minerva.

I switched with Darren "Gav" Bleuel of Nukees. Nukees is another college-based strip, but a far more offbeat and contemporary one centering around a group of riotous "Nukees" (nuclear engineering majors).  Dry wit, academic pressure, computers galore, Northern California culture, "The King," and a very large ant add up to one cool strip.

I drew/wrote a strip based on his comic, and vice versa. So here's our respective crossover strips:

Take a look at the Nukee's site!

Many of the other strips have taken down any special April 1st websites they had up, and have put the respective comics in the archives.  It's pointless to read the switch without being familiar with the regular strip anyways, right?  So all links here go directly to any sort of main page for the strip first.  Check all the archives for the April 1st switch, and read all their other strips along the way too.

Bobbins Online b/w Goats

Spex & Wally b/w Limpidity

Funny Farm b/w Newshounds

Bruno the Bandit b/w Freefall

Ozy & Millie b/w Kevin & Kell

Soap On A Rope b/w Unlike Minerva

Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet b/w Bruno

Tales From the Mynarski Forest b/w S.S.D.D.

General Protection Fault b/w Mayberry Melonpool

No Outlet b/w This Is Getting Ridiculous toons/Grootlore

Few and Far Between b/w RIP b/w Plato's Web Public b/w Roomies

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