Cast Biographies

This page contains just the bare minimum on each character. If you want more info, click on the character's picture or name to hop to individual pages with more traits, pictures, and a sample comic strip of their behavior.
Or better still, read Move-In Day for a full storyline introducing and outlining the interactions of all cast members.

Tony: The gentle narrator; inconspicuous in personality despite his size. All-around nice guy and eater of sugar.

Kevin: The smirking smartaleck; enjoys pestering those he doesn't like. Sedentary techno-geek and artist.

Brad: The grouch; pessimist and complainer. A loner that only likes the company of his coffee

Mikey: The high-strung perfectionist; always busy with something. Expects others to do the same.


Cindy: Ladylike; well-mannered and demure. The only sensible one on the floor.

Lisa: Purveyor of all things cute 'n' perky; bubbly and touchy-feely. Snuggles are given out abundantly, usually after she pounces you.

Scott: The team player; laid-back and "one of the guys". Vain and shallow, though.

Dani: The voice of authority; dorm monitor that "encourages" participation. Watch her clipboard!

Biff: The dumb jock; body by Nautilus, brains by PlaySkool. Makes no attempts to get along with anyone else.

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