I create storylines whenever I feel like, so I do not necessarily post them in the order they should take place. I've arranged this page more or less chronologically (haven't quite finalized the order) and will be filling in blanks as I go.
The thumbnails are colorized for looks only. The actual strips are black and white dailies, with the usual flat-color Sundays.




"Move-In Day"

Added July 1999

"The Gridiron"

Added Sep 1999

"Techno Prisoners"

Added Apr 1999 Poker Strips

Added Nov 1999

"Special Delivery"

Added Nov 1998

"Only Human"

Added Oct 1998


Added May 2000

"Ski`s The Limit"

Added Dec 1998


Revised Mar 2000

"Be Nice"

Added Feb 1999

"No Pain, No Gain"

Added May 1998 My Funny Valentine

Added Jan 2000

"Smooth Move"

Added April 2000

"Sibling Revelry"

Added Aug 1998

"Green And Bear It"

Added Mar 2000

"The Impatient In-Patient"

Added May 1999

"Who Do Voodoo?"

Added Mar 1999

"Beach Blanket Bungle"

Added June 1999