The following is a songfic based on "The Class Menagerie," by Vince
Suzukawa. The song being used is "Nobody Wants to be Lonely," by Ricky
Martin and Christina Aguilera. Please don't sue, I'm broke and you won't get
much anyway. This takes place 1 week after the "Nemeses" storyline, and
focuses primarily on Kev and Denise. This was done in only a few hours. C&C
would be deeply appreciated, since I want this to be done right before I
submit it to the site itself...

WARNING: THIS IS A WAFF SONGFIC. (Warm And Fuzzy Feeling) Special thanks to
Mwinzi for providing me the lyrics, and to my friends over at the Keenspot
MB for giving me some inspiration for this.

>Why (ohhoooo...)

>There you are, in a darkened room, and you're all alone, looking out the
>Your heart is cold and lost the will to love, like a broken arrow
>Here I stand in the shadow (in the shadows)

Kevin Nekohashi stared outside his window alone. It had been almost a week
since Denise went back to Forrest University. His roommates had noticed that
Kevin was far more subdued, as though he was looking for something he lost
and could never find again. Even Biff was worried when Kevin didn't so much
as try to respond when Biff insulted him. Instead, Kevin only asked to be
left alone in peace. "Biff, I have too much on my mind now." It was a sign
of just how serious it was that Biff actually agreed to do so.

Afterwards, Tony stopped Kevin and demanded an explanation. "Kevin, what's
the matter with you lately? The last few days, you've hardly eaten anything,
hardly ever talked to anyone, and have almost completely cut off any contact
with the floor. Look, the entire floor is worried sick about you, and as
your best friend, I deserve to know what's wrong."

Kevin began an explanation. "It's Denise. Ever since she left, I haven't
been able to think about anything or anyone else. I'm at a loss of what to
do. I feel like I lost a part of myself when she left. Tony...I never felt
this way about anyone else but Denise, and it's left me confused..."

Tony realized what had happened to Kevin. <He's in love with Denise> "Kevin,
do you mind if I let Dani know about this? She is the RA and you owe her
that much." Kevin nodded and replied, "Only if it does any good." He then
resumed his vigil near the window.

But Kevin wasn't the only person who felt a void in his life.

>>Run to me, come to me, can't you see that

>Nobody wants to be lonely
>Nobody wants to cry
>My body's longing to hold you
>So bad it hurts inside
>Time is precious and it's slipping away,
>and I've been waiting for you all of my life
>Nobody wants to be lonely
>So why, why
>Why don't you let me love you

What friends Denise had left at Forrest University were worried about her.
Ever since she came back from DeMontfort University, she had lost any kind
of interest in her work whatsoever. In addition, because of her role in
stopping Algernon, she was no longer accepted in any of the social circles
at Forrest University. Indeed, many students went so far as to call her a
heretic and demand that she be immediately expelled from the school.

One of the professors noticed this and managed to get a hold of Dani at
DeMontfort. The professor then went to the Dean of Forrest University to
make a few recommendations of his own. Perhaps a change in environment would
do her some good....
Dani called a selective meeting of Scott, Tony, Lisa, Cindy, Mikey, Biff,
and Brad. Keeping her trademark clipboard close, she got down to business.
"Everyone, as you know, Kevin's been in a funk lately. Tony was able to tell
me why. But I think I have the answer..."

With that, she took some papers from the clipboard. "Denise is transferring
here tomorrow morning. Kevin's in love with her, and she felt the same way.
It was causing problems for her academically, so one of her professors
recommended the idea to the Dean at Forrest University, and the Dean at
Forrest U. agreed. It was mainly a political move on the Dean's part, since
it meant that Denise would be gone, so that would make the students happy,
and it meant that he could keep his job. Still, it worked."

Brad then spoke up. "So what do you need us to do?"

Dani smiled. "Two things: 1.) Be nice to Kev until then. and 2.) If he asks,
this meeting never happened. I want this to be a surprise. I'll get Kevin
involved tonight. Oh, and if any of you try to ruin it..." she patted the
clipboard menacingly. No further words needed to be said.

She then left to see Kevin. He was actually surprised that she would want to
talk to him. "Kevin, there's a new girl moving to this floor tomorrow. I
want you to help her move in and give her a tour of the campus. I'll wake
you up when she gets here. Also, as for where her things go, she'll be
moving into my room."

Now he was confused. "Why me?" Dani simply replied, "Actually, she insisted
on it. She's someone you might know. Besides, would you rather face the
clipboard?" Needless to say, Kevin agreed to it immediately. He had been on
the business end of it before and didn't care for a repeat.
>oh why
>Can you hear my voice
>Do you hear my song
>It's a serenade
>So your heart can find me, ohh

(The next day)

As soon as he woke up, Kevin got dressed and went downstairs. As he hit the
first step, his cell phone went off. His eyes widened when he recognized
Denise's voice. "Denise? Hello, I'm glad to hear your voice!"

Denise then replied: "I really don't have much time to talk,Kevin. I'm
transferring out of Forrest University. I may not call you for a while. An
old friend is waiting for you downstairs. Why don't you go meet her? I have
to go now." Saddened, Kevin hung up the cell phone. <So I may not hear from
Denise for a while. Maybe not ever again> He then left to greet the new

>And suddenly you're flying down the stairs
>Into my arms, baby, ohh

Midway down the stairs, Dani and Scott were waiting. "She's right this way,
Kevin. Let's go!" Scott paused and handed Kevin something. "Give it to the
lady. She's not only nice, but very foxy, too!" With that, he gave Kevin a
white rose and a small box of candy. "Make sure Tony doesn't find the
>Before I start going crazy (going crazy, oh)
>Run to me
>Run to me, 'cause I'm dying

Then, Kevin arrives and sees someone all too dear too him...

Denise. Not waiting for anything else, they run towards one another. Before
they embrace, Kevin hands her the white rose.
>(ohhhhhhh)Nobody wants to be lonely (wants to be lonely)
>Nobody wants to cry (I don't wanna cry)
>My body's longing to hold you (I'm longing to hold you)
>So bad it hurts inside
>Time is precious and it's slipping away
>And I've been waiting for you all of my life, oh whoa
>Nobody wants to be lonely
>So why, why
>Why don't you let me love you
>I wanna feel you near me (feel you near me)
>Just like the air you breathe in (breathe in)
>I need you here in my life
>Don't walk away, don't walk away (walk away walk awayyy, oh no no)

They embrace, as Denice recounts how she had managed to transfer to
DeMontfort and how Dani let her become her roommate. Kevin's saw his friends
smiling at the sight. <I've gotta like that sneaky mouse.> He then helped
Denise get her things up to her new room.
>Nobody wants to be lonely
>Nobody wants to cry....
>Nobody wants to be lonely (noo, ohh)
>Nobody wants to cry (nobody wants to cry)
>My body's longing to hold you (is longing to hold you)
>So bad it hurts inside (hurts inside)
>Time is precious and it's slipping away
>And I've been waiting for you all of my life (all my life, ohh)
>Nobody wants to be lonely
>So why, why
>Why don't you let me love you (let me love yoooooooooouuu)

As Kevin gave her a tour of the campus, he felt his old self return, as did
Denise. Perhaps because two parts of a whole were together again...and
nothing would tear them apart...


I had to cut the song a little short since it made more sense to end it

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