Yes! Ladies... and gentlemen, it is the unthinkable, the incomprehensible, the hardly decipherable return of CAMPUS FIGHTER II!
In our latest episode, we, the happy and translation-skill-challanged staff behind the infamous CAMPUS FIGHTER II! are proud to present our finest fighters of the arena...

Dani Murrieta : Clipboard Martial Arts Queen Supremo!
and Biff Kingston : Ultimate Emperor of the Field!

Biff: Ha! Your clipboard can not defeat ball and torso of mine!
Dani: Your evil shall no can do over my mighty wield of justice!
Kevin and Kim: (Uh... what you say?)

The match begins! Dani, as soon as the bell and the funky billboard displaying ROUND ONE (along with some disembodied cute girl's voice doing announcements in weird pronounciation), launches her Super EX Special Death Strike... Clipboard Bombardment: Multiple Rush Chain Slash Fang Bite! Starting up with her first strike is the legendary Clipboard Style No.209: Hop-Skip-Jumping Skullcrush Judgement of Razor right at Biff's temple! 20000 points for First Hit!

Quickly landing before Biff could recover, Dani smashes right into her second attack, Clipboard Style No. 4917: Slash of the Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd enhanced version*) right at Biff's chin, sending him flying up to the ceiling! Critical Damage bonus of 500000 points go to Murrieta!
(*) Upon using this attack, an annoying midi file of a random Pink Floyd song will chime at the background. Useful for irritating fellow gamer.

Five full seconds later, Dani's third strike of her ultra special move uses the mighty force of gravity... Clipboard Style No. 80: Earth Kiss! Yowch! Also note at least five special effects are effected at this point upon Biff's landing! That must hurt.

Almost immediately, the fourth strike! Foreign Unintentional Style No. 5: Positive Rollerskate Sonic Bite! Michael Hopkins aids in performing the move by doing what he does best on Biff's body, and through the enchancement we added after the last episode, Mikey now can run in the style of a fireball! The result is yet another spectacular special effect extravaganza! And a burning forehead.

Next up, Lisa Dodson aids again in the ending the Clipboard Bombardment: Multiple Rush Chain Slash Fang Bite! by conducting the Foreign Unintentional Style No. 6: Ecstatic Adoration of Charm Pounce-o-Rama! As Biff tries to get up a critical hit is struck on the face... and suddenly the ponytail turns longer again! In a trivial note, we also added the fireball sprinting effect for Lisa. Niftiness!


PERFECT! Dani Murrieta gains absolute victory in this exciting match of CAMPUS FIGHTER II! Not only does she get a cool pose and acts smug about it, she also gets a windy Japanese background, and an adoring groupie to give her the idol treatment! Biff... well, let losers be. They aren't worth much mentioning. Oh, he's chibi now.

So that ends yet another round of CAMPUS FIGHTER II! This nil-skill-required creation was brought to you by FSHan and Mr. Hunt. Thank you very much. All suggestions and flames please send off to the nifty address of