Just a quick page of some of the art whilst at the 'con.

Vince's Samples
I had no real art to sell, other than doing sketchbook commissions. So, to pad out my table, and to show my style to those unfamiliar to the CM, I whipped out a few sketches of varying subjects. Was kind of fun, actually.  The top two both garnered a lot of comments from passersby (someone suggested I make the skunk into a print).  Unfortunately, I can't take credit for the skunk; the suggestion was proposed by Gneech ;-)

Sketchbook #1: Beep!
Requested by Gneech (and up on his page, since you SHOULD be reading the Suburban Jungle page right now!)  Relentlessly playful flirt Drezzer Wolf gives a stealth nosebeep to a surprised Biff. Gneech and I have a long-running nose-beep inside joke...

Sketchbook #2: Staying in.
Amazingly enough, this was requested by someone I knew in college, part of the Japanese-American and anime clubs. 'Twas his first time at Further Confusion, and he's apparently still in the Bay Area after graduating.  Anyways, a bit of a fantasy piece for Kevin, if things had worked out between him and Michelle.

Sketchbook #3:  Props.
Requested by the inimitable air-guitaring PunkTiger, the theme of the sketchbook was simply props.  I'm never that clever with coming up with something on the spot (and people had already used the puns on "prop" that I wanted), so I went for a little stage musical. Hopefully you can tell which one.

Sketchbook #4:  Blue...er, I mean, brown streak.
No, I don't normally draw this. No, I don't expect to in the near future. So don't get your hopes up. But it involves humiliating Mikey, so how could I resist? The funny thing is the real-life Mikey I know almost actually did this; there's a kind of hazing tradition at the college he went to that involved the track team running wearing nothing but shaving cream. So it was more than appropriate.
Character and idea courtesy of T'Chall.

Sketchbook #5:  Us silly Yanks.
Artist KeV Beeley (I'm always flattered when fun cartoony artists actually like my strip), who doesn't have a website up so I'm linking to the closest thing I got, visited from across the Atlantic with a sketchbook themed "British Stereotypes."  I'm not a Python fan, but I couldn't resist digging up this one.  I wonder if Brad knows how the rest of the song goes... 

Charity Auction: Car Wash.
One of the charities was Tiger Touch.  How could I NOT donate? And I figured I'd have to do something involving a tiger touched somehow. In this case, not in a way he likes, bwahaha. SNAP!  "Ow, quit it!"  "Ow, quit it!"  "Ow, quit it!"

More to come.  Boojum Pigeon, can you e-mail me again?  I lost your addy :-p